Dyson Hair Dryer On Sale


Dyson's Supersonic is possibly the most innovative hair dryer which money can purchase. It has got more specific features than several mobiles and it is packed to the brim with revolutionary technology -- directly from the company's hair lab.

It's one of the pricier hairdryers as well though. In reality, it's most likely among the priciest hair dryers you'll find on the market today, and it can be rather tricky to justify such a massive purchase unless you are 100% convinced that it will offer a really exceptional drying encounter.

Is Dyson Hair Dryer worth it?

After analyzing the Dyson hair dryer after, I thought about it a whole lot in the months after, much like you might consider a fantastic date. Can it be as good as I remembered? Can that nozzle difficulty become a deal-breaker? What would another date disclose?

To assist you decide whether it is worth buying, we have spent the past week road-testing that the Supersonic: Assessing its particular attributes, double-checking how it manages different hair styles and sampling its radical drying occasions so that we may create an in-depth review that is capable of answering all your questions.

How much does a Dyson hair dryer cost?

And in case you haven't got enough time to read through the end, let us just mention that we have definitely been convinced! It can well be located at a top price-point, however after a week of using it, we could honestly say that it is quite unlike any other hair dryer which we have ever sampled.

It is light, it is simple to us, it dries your hair exceptionally quickly and it is also among the safest hair dryers we have ever laid hands on.

It has the distinctive features that set the Supersonic apart however. The first of them is that the smart heat management, which was made to be sure the temperature of the Supersonic's output fluctuates.

A great deal of hair dryers boast about getting some type of heat management, however, few can match the Supersonic's, which utilizes that a microprocessor plus many different detectors to check the atmosphere temperature 20 times another . Following seven days of testing, we could honestly state that the Supersonic handles to keep perfectly temperatures constantly, and we frankly never seen the dryer heating up as we used it.

Is Dyson coming out with a new hair dryer?

This may look to be a little thing, but small details like this usually means that your hair is suitably shielded from heat damage in any way times, which is something which a good deal of hair dryers simply can't deliver. The smart heat control helps prevent frizz also, and we are certain it's just one of the key reasons our hair looked so smooth and glossy after we had used the Supersonic.

Best of all though? The Supersonic is a complete joy to use. As stated previously, the engine is at the handle, meaning that the final product is not top-heavy in any way.

Comparing it to other hairdryers, it is instantly apparent that it is much better . It seems more evenly spaced on your hands, and it manages far more naturally. It will also inflict much less strain on your arm, so if you are one of those who locates their arm aching after 10-15 minutes of constant drying, then you'll certainly feel that the advantage .

Overall, it is reasonable to state the Supersonic surpassed our initial expectations. It is much, much quicker than the majority of the hair dryers we have attempted, and it has mix of complementary exceptional features means that you're all but ensured a smooth and glossy finish every single time .

There are a number of niggles -- small things such as the odd button layout and also the inconveniently long power cord that, at 9 ft -- will have a horrible habit of becoming tangled, knotted and captured.

Nevertheless, we are convinced the Supersonic will totally revolutionize how you take a look at hair thinning. It is a fantastic product and we completely enjoyed with it. It is going to get you out the door quicker also, which is no small matter!